Bethlehem Nativity Souvenirs Products

Our products are not souvenirs that people can buy anywhere, they are cultural items of a place with rich heritage. Handicraft production has evolved as culture tradition of the holy Land community over many centuries.

Our Souvenir shop is stocked with the best handcraft collection of vast variety of different Christian gifts including the followings:

  • Olive Wood Figures, Nativity Sets, Last Supper, Holy Family Camels, Rosaries, and Jewelry Boxes.
  • Mother of Pearls. The people of Bethlehem used the Mother of Pearl shells to make all types of crosses and small gifts for the pilgrims.
  • All kind of Jewelries (Diamonds, Gold and Silver). The ultimate showroom.
  • Malachite Stone.
  • Jerusalem Cross.
  • Icons, Ancient Icons and Silver Icons.
  • Ceramic and Armenian Pottery.
  • Dead Sea Products. (Health and Nature products from the Dead Sea).
  • Christmas Ornaments and a lot … a lot more.

All products at Bethlehem Nativity Store are guaranteed the best prices on the Market representing value for Money.

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